Webpage projects

After www.valblusports.at I just recently implemented my 2nd webpage www.purfitness.at and the 3rd one is coming up. Therefore I decided to create this webpages section to present the projects.

I’m very fond of the efficient implementation process – using WordPress with at theme, digg deep and create a nice and competitive website within no time. It’s easy, it’s cool, it’s cheap, everyone’s happy.



I implemented this webpage in June, 2016. Lots of updates are expected within the next few month. It’s based on WordPress and the Action theme by Artillegence.



I implemented this page in May, 2014 and keep making updates ever since. It’s based on WordPress and the Sports theme by Croma.



In July, 2016 I had no proper webpage, so I pretty much made a quick clone of www.valblusports.at to get my stuff I do in my spare time online. It’s also based on WordPress and the Sports theme by Croma.