RIVA Home – digital janitor

It’s an App’nitor!

icon_152Back in 2014/15 I got the opportunity to create the prototype app (Android, iOS) for www.rivahome.at. RIVA Home builds affordable apartments for young people.

The app connects all flat-owners of a RIVA building digitally together, but also gives them an easy way communicating with RIVA and their janitor. Users can post info about broken stuff, tell everyone to join a garden party, etc. … everything that’s interesting or important. The company can easily post schedules, house rules, any kind of information. It helps the users to connect and to solve their problems among themselves without involving the janitor – hence saving costs!

If you’re interested in further RIVA projects, the app shows you all the infos, even though you’re not a flat-owner.

iOS and Android app developed with Adobe AIR / Actionscript 3 / Starling / Feathers UI

Wann & Wo Newspaper, August 2015

Picture of the first RIVA Home building in Lauterach, Austria